Beef Cutting Card Questions
(if getting a full 1/2 beef you have the option of getting New Yorks & Fillets instead of T-bones)
If you prefer the New Yorks & Fillets please indicate, by circling New Yorks & Fillets
How many steaks per pkg
How Thick 
or    Rib Steaks, this is Ribeye with bone left on.Please specify if you want Rib Steak...or Prime Rib Roast
How many per pkg.
Sirloin Steaks
How many pcs. per pkg we put 1 whole sirloin in a pkg, its so large we cut in 1/2 and put both pkg.
How Thick
The Round ...Do you want:   (You can split this up, example:  1/2 Minute Steaks, rest to gr beef)
Round Roast  (how big ... 3 lbs ?)
Round Steak
Tenderized Round Steaks
Minute Steak
how many pcs per pkg.
or put it to your gr. beef
(if 1 per, there is an extra charge)
Roast. ... You will get:  Chuck, Arm, Rump Roasts
How big ... 3 lbs. ?
Or....don't want roast, put them to your gr beef.
Ground Beef
What size pkgs.
Do you want any patties ?
What size patties ?
How much of the gr beef to patties ?
How many patties per pkg
Do you want to save the following cuts or put them to your gr beef.
Soup Bone
Boiling Beef
Short Ribs
Will you take any of the following ...(this is for custom beefs only...not for beefs purchased from locker)
Note:  (Brisket/Flank Steak/Skirt Steak are automatically ground unless requested to save
Pork Cutting Card Questions
Loins - Pork Chops 
How many in a pkg
How thick
(Breakfast chops are 1/4", Iowa Chops are 1")
Shoulder - Do you want...
Shoulder Roast
How big ..3 lbs ?
Pork Steak
How many steaks per pkg
(If 1 per pkg. there is an extra charge)
Put it to your trimmings/sausage category
(You can split this up...Example  1/2 Roast, 1/2 Steaks)
Belly  ....  This is where your bacon comes from
Cure for Bacon
Regular or thick slice?
What size pkgs  1 lb., 2 lb. ??
Fresh for Side Pork
If you save loinback ribs (baby back ribs) that cuts into your chops and your pork chops will be boneless
Spare Ribs you get these automatically
Ham .... (approx. wt  18 - 20 lbs.)
Cure it ??
Leave it Fresh ?
How do you want us to cut it up:
Leave it whole ?
Cut it in 1/2 ?   or 1/4?
Cut it all to Ham Steaks...2 per pkg ?
Center Slice it ?  (we cut 2 big protions, one off each end of the ham, center we cut to steaks 2 per)
Trimmings/Sausage..   do you want:
Seasoned Sausage
Pure Gr Pork
Italian Sausage
Brats ... Regular or Skinless
Seasoned Casing (seasoned sausage in brat size links)
Little Pigs (seasoned sausage in breakfast size links)
Pure Gr. Pork Patties
Seasoned Sausage Patties
Brat Patties
Put to Trimmings
Put to Trimmings
Do you want the Lard Rendered ?
Do you want:
Heart/Tongue to trimmings Dispose of Liver
Comments/Farmer's Name/are you getting a whole/half or 1/4 ?
Farmer's Name/
Are you getting whole or 1/2
(for Pork Cutting Card Questions....scroll down)
If you want Loinback Ribs 
(Baby back Ribs) saved. It will cut into the amount of chops you get and you will also get "some" boneless chops.
Please indicate in "Comments" if you want your Loinback Ribs saved.